Payment is required in full, at time of consultation - NO CREDIT POLICY

We accept: Cash, Eftpos, Visa and Mastercard

In the emergency cases, an account will be made and sent out if the patient is unable to make a payment at the time of the emergency consultation.

Please contact us if you are unable to attend your appointment as a fee may apply if you have not attended more than two times.

Additional fees for minor surgery, medicals of any sort, nurse consultations, letters, reports, procedures, materials

Registered NZ Casual Fees & Charges

Over 65's $35 $60
13-17 years $25 $50
18-24 years $34 $60
25+ $40 $70
under 13 free $30
Non-NZ Resident n/a $80
After Hours / Weekends
(Additional charges apply)
(Note: We require 48hrs notice)
Same Day Prescription $20
Fax Prescription Fee
(Note: Faxed to Pharmacy)
$5 * Additonal to the Prescription charge
For Minor Surgery fees click here
Referral Letters $10